Mission & Vision (Dundas Minor Hockey)

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Dundas Minor Hockey Association (D.M.H.A.) “Mission Statement”

The D.M.H.A. is an organized group of parent volunteers committed to the development of skills and knowledge of the sport of hockey for Dundas youth for their personal development*, sportsmanship and enjoyment (*Personal development is defined as physical and emotional self-confidence)

D.M.H.A. Philosophy

It is recognized that team sports like hockey, by their very nature, often create competitive environments. Healthy competition and trying to win, is a fun and exciting element of our game. However, the D.M.H.A. has adopted a clear distinction between the process of trying to win (which is the goal of the game) and winning itself (the outcome of the game). Too many youth coaches and parents at all levels of play, from rep to house league, often confuse the two. It is the process that is important, not the outcome. Rep hockey, house league hockey, or any game for that matter, will cease to be fun for kids if the outcome of the game is all that matters.

It’s ALL about DEVELOPMENT; it’s all about team.

Your D.M.H.A. Executive